News published during the project lifetime

November 2012
OIKOntology has been launched. This tool performs semantic queries in the three databases of the OIKODOMOS Virtual Campus.

November 2012
OIKODOMOS Workspaces will be presented in the ONLINE EDUCA conference, November 29 in Berlin.

October 2012
The participatory analysis of the Plus Ultra neighborhood in Barcelona, carried out in an OIKODOMOS seminar, is part of the exhibition My Very Own City, which is taking place in the 6th Urban Researcher and Knowledge Symposium, celebrated in Barcelona, 8-10 October 2012.

June 2012
Two papers reporting the work done in OIKODOMOS have been presented at the ACSA International Conference which has taken place in Barcelona from the 20th to the 22nd of June 2012.

October 2011
Oikodomos Newsletter n.7 has been published. +info

September 2011
The conference program has been published. Please check it at the project blog.

Workspace "Housing Reagents" has started its activities.

July 2011
Guidelines for learning design with OIKODOMOS Workspaces have been published.

What is Oikodomos? An audiovisual introduction to the project.

June 2011
A paper describing the OIKODOMOS virtual campus will be presented in ED MEDIA conference, Lisbon, June 27th to July 1st, 2011.

The newspaper El Periódico from Barcelona informs about the work carried out by students and teachers from La Salle in the neighborhood Plus Ultra.

May 2011
Oikodomos Newsletter n.6 has been published.+info

A report on the Istanbul Workshop has been published in Turkey's Architecture Platform.+info

February 2011
OIKODOMOS presentation at the School of Architecture, University of Navarra, on February 7. 2011.+info

November 2010
Oikodomos Newsletter n.5 has been published.+info

OIKODOMOS moves on! The second stage of the project dedicated to expanding and disseminating the OIKODOMOS Virtual Campus has started on November 1st 2010 and will be completed on October 31st 2011.

February 2010
Oikodomos Newsletter n.4 has been published. +info

January 2010
Article on Oikodomos in newspaper El Mundo [pdf], 3.2.2010: The new architectural education (La nueva enseñanza de la arquitectura).

December 2009
OIKODOMOS Final Workshop. Keynote speech from Prof. Hillary French: "Learning from the past"

November 2009
OIKODOMOS will be presented at the conference "Apport des projets européens d'éducation et de formation tout au long de la vie" organized by the agency Europe-Education-Formation France which will take place in Lyon, November 19, 2009.

September 2009
Oikodomos Newsletter n.3 has been published. +info

Third Oikodomos workshop organized by FA STU Bratislava dedicated to the topic "Effective housing" will take place from October 14th - 20th 2009.

May 2009
Oikodomos selected by the European Education-Formation France as example of innovative and creative projects. The selected examples will be presented in the framework of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. +info

March 2009
Second Oikodomos workshop organized by IUG Grenoble dedicated to the topic "Housing for diversity".

April 2009
Oikodomos Newsletter n.2 has been published. +info

November 2008
Public progress report of the first year of the Oikodomos project is now available. +info

October 2008
Oikodomos Newsletter n.1 has been published. +info

September 2008
First Oikodomos workshop organized in Sint-Lucas/Ghent dedicated to the topic "Long life dwelling".

Presentation of the Oikodomos work in the MACE conference at the Venice Biennale. +info

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