Conference papers and articles about the project results.

OIKODOMOS. Innovating, Housing, Learning
Book published by the Hogeschool Voor Vetenschap & Kunst. School of Architecture Sint Lucas, Belgium

Authors: Leandro Madrazo, Johan Verbeke, Tomas Ooms, Paul Riddy
Ghent, 2013 (second edition)

Networking Learning Processes: A Virtual Campus to Support Housing Studies
ACSA International Conference

Authors: Leandro Madrazo, Paul Riddy, Marta Masdéu
Barcelona, 20-22 June 2012

Participatory Analysis of the Living Environment: the Plus Ultra Neighborhood
ACSA International Conference

Authors: Leandro Madrazo, Omayra Rivera, Angel Martin Cojo
Barcelona, 20-22 June 2012

OIKODOMOS Consolidation and expansion of a virtual campus
Final Report

Authors: Leandro Madrazo
12 December 2011

OIKODOMOS Virtual Campus: Constructing learning processes in collaboration
ECAADE conference

Authors: Paul Riddy, Leandro Madrazo
Ljubljana, 21-24 September 2011

Proximity on Housing and Learning Activities in EMU Master Studies within the OIKODOMOS Virtual Campus Collaboration.
ENHR Conference

Author: Beril Ozmen
Toulouse, France, 4-7 July 2011

The Oikodomos Virtual Campus: a networked-based model of education
ED MEDIA Conference

Authors: Paul Riddy, Leandro Madrazo
Lisbon, June 27- July 1st 2011

Technology, Innovation, Mediation and Education
AACE Global TIME: Global Conference on Technology, Innovation, Media & Education

Authors: Leandro Madrazo, Paul Riddy
(virtual conference) February 22-24 2011

El conocimiento arquitectónico en la era de la Información: los repositorios digitales.
Revista de edificación, vol. 39-40, pp. 134-141

Authors: Leandro Madrazo
December 2010

Towards Virtual Architecture: Process, design and evaluation
European Educational Research Association, ECER

Authors: Paul Riddy, Jose Depuydt, Leandro Madrazo
Helsinki, 25-27 August 2010

OIKODOMOS Technological Platform
EDULEARN International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies

Authors: Leandro Madrazo, Paul Riddy, Álvaro Sicilia
Barcelona, 5 -7 July 2010

Designing for blended learning: the OIKODOMOS experience
International Technology, Education and Development Conference, INTED 2010

Authors: Leandro Madrazo, Paul Riddy, Luca Botturi, Viera Joklova
Valencia, 8 -10 March 2010

OIKODOMOS. A virtual campus to promote the study of dwelling in contemporary Europe
Editor: Leandro Madrazo
Final Report- Public Part (February 2010)

MACE International Conference on "Online Repositories in Architecture
HOUSING@21.EU. Integrating Learning Spaces and Architectural Repositories

Authors: Leandro Madrazo, Paul Riddy, Luca Botturi
Venice, 20 -21 September 2008

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